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Some of our top selling packages


Youtube Promotional Package

This package is our number one seller! We can provide you in upwards of 2,00,000 unique real views per month! Get started today with as little as $25.00

Soundcloud Promotional Package

With our Soundcloud Promotional Package; we drive massive amounts of traffic to your page. We run multiple campaigns through various channels and contest to get your music heard by the masses. With this package you will receive a minimum of 10,000 song plays. If your music is quality;  (and we know it is!)  you will gain followers, and people will start to comment on your songs. This is a great package to get you trending among the sea of artists!

Reverbnation Promotional Package

With our Reverbnation Promotional Package, you will be trending on the top of your category on the Reverbnation charts. We drive massive amounts of traffic to your Artist Page, resulting in thousands of song plays, thousands of video plays, and potentially thousands of new fans. This package is the ultimate boost for your Band equity on Reverbnation.  
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VIP Rockstar Package

In our VIP Rockstar Package you get; a custom high end website including 5 email addresses , hosting for a year, and five year registration for your domain, a customized e commerce back office setup, promotion on all platforms including 250,000 views on Youtube,  over 100,000 song plays and 200,000 video plays on Reverbnation, 100,000 song plays on Souncloud , 30,000 views , 20,000 streams, and 10,000 to 15,000 downloads on Datpiff. This package will jump start your music career instantly.  

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We started working with HearMe in March, and already have received well over 250,ooo views on Youtube Hundreds of Fans on Reverbnation! We cannot thank you guys enough; your service is truly priceless.
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I first stumbled upon Hearme back in January via a referral from a friend and partner of mine in my downline. I was seeing his vlog and videos passing all of ours, and he started to bring in an insane amount of traffic. Turns out that he was working with Hearme. These guys are absolute professionals. They are extremely fast and efficient. Highest recommendations are deserved! Sincerely, John. S Monavie White Diamond
Mona Vie Logo_full John. S
Hats off to you fellows, Many thanks are in order. Best ROI I have seen in a long time!   Cheers, Jan. W  Usana
noavatar_middle Nettikasino
We first received a pm from Hearme asking us to check out their site. We were skeptical at first, as we get lots of people hitting us up telling us about all these awesome offers, and how they major in music and can help out our band. We have even tried a few of them, and been completely disappointed. Not the case with these guys! After a week of considering their offer, we decided to take them up on it. We have been rank #1 globally in our genre on Reverbnation for over a week now. We have gained over a thousand new fans, and been able to book one major gig. You guys are like magical sorcerers and we cannot thank you enough!  We will continue to work with your team.  Truly professional, and very pleasant to deal with. From all of us at the band with no name lol, you know who we are!
Anonymous Band
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Hearme is now offering discounts for Reverbnation artists! With our Reverbnation Promotional Package you will be at the top of your category chart in a matter of weeks. We will drive insane amounts of traffic to your Artist Page causing you to start trending in your city. With this special package you will get thousands [...]

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